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EM118019 Eichrecht 230V Bi-directional 1 phase Modbus RS485 DIN Rail Electric Meter for Solar

1. Brief Introduction DDS353H-2 is a single phase two wires digital energy meter with RS485 communication (Modbus-RTU) which also comply with DIN-...

EM118019 Eichrecht 230V Bi-directional 1 phase Modbus RS485 DIN Rail Electric Meter for Solar
  • EM118019 Eichrecht 230V Bi-directional 1 phase Modbus RS485 DIN Rail Electric Meter for Solar
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  • 1.Brief introduction

    What is Bi-Directional Metering? The term bi-directional metering refers to the fact that the meter can measure the flow of electricity in two directions.

    EM118019 is a Single Phase Kwh Meter With RS485 Modbus. Its voltage is 230V and it can maintain class 1.0 accuracy when 5 to 60A. It is a Bi-directional Meter that has forward and reverse measurement. Active and Reactive energy can be monitored as well.

    It supports RS485 Communication Modbus-RTU Protocol so that data reading and setting parameters remotely is available. RS485 modbus meter is also a much cheaper and cconomical choice for realizing automatic meter reading. It supported maximum 100 Kbps data transmission speed and up to 1200 meters communication range. It supports single master and multiple sub meters due to balanced transmission line.

    This bi-directional energy meter has no tariff and complies with DIN-EN50022 standard. The LCD display is 5+1 and it also has two display modes: auto scrolling and button pressing. In addition, this meter has strong moisture resistance and no condensation.

    Our product has quality assurance and the electric meter has passed and gained MID certicate. As a single phase electricity meter, it is widely applied to residential and commercial buildings, such as rental houses, apartments, shopping malls and offices.

    Some of our customers also use the RS485 modbus meter for Solar Inverter and EV Charger. IVY has done several cases on integrating our meter into solar and EV billing system. We may provide detailed technical support for you. 


    2. Working Principle



    3.Function description

    (1)Bi-directional Measurement IMP & EXP

    (2)RS485 Communication Modbus-RTU Protocol

    (3) read grid parameters, analyze energy quality and load condition in the certain time period

    (4)2 modes for data display: a. Auto scrolling mode: the time interval is 5s  b. Button mode by external button 

    for data checking.

    (5)Blue backlight for easy reading in dark places

    (6)MID certificate,Conform to standards IEC 61557-12, IEC 62053-21/23, IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62052-31, pre-qualification of Eichrecht

    (7)IP51 protection




    Single Phase Bi-directional Kwh Meter



    Rated Voltage


    Rated Current

    5(30)A, 5(32)A,5(40)A, 5(45)A, 5(50)A, 5(60)A, 5(80)A,5(100)A




    Class B

    LCD Display

    LCD 5+1= 99999.9kW

    Operating Temperature


    Power Consumption


    Average Humidity


    Maximum Humidity


    Starting Current


    LED Flash

    Impulse Indication,Pulse Width = 90ms