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Smart Grid

The power grid is generally about the exclusion of the generation side, by the substation equipment and transmission and distribution lines composed of the whole.

Energy transforming is a transformation from high voltage to low voltage, or from low voltage to high voltage through electric transforming equipment.

Energy transmission is the stage in which electric energy is transmitted by transmission lines.

Energy distribution is the process by which electricity is sent to users through distribution equipment

Why we are talking about a smart grid? Really Smart?

1. User interaction and transparent power grid

In the past, people had to pay their bills according to their electricity bills. Later, they could read their electricity meters.

The smart grid is the user into the power system, electric power companies to see supply and demand can better measure balance according to the power consumption economic and efficient solution, for example, the user can see better energy conservation and emissions reduction, every time the door into the reward, a country see the benefit of the people, and reduce the electricity cost to make a better life

Smart Grid

2. Intelligent devices to realize the Internet of Things.

In the past, people's electricity meters can only be measured, but now the electricity meters combined with WIFI RS485 Bluetooth and so on, rely on mobile phones, PCs, connected to household appliances to achieve the interconnection of everything

1. Measuring ability update, digital life

High-accuracy meter, smart meter, prepayment meter, IOT meter under heat discussion.

2. New energy will be integrated into the smart grid and become smarter and cleaner.

In a word, with the smart grid as the highway, we believe that life is full of hope, and someone will always leave the light for you

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