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Smart cities originated in the media field, which refers to the use of various information technologies or innovative concepts to open up and integrate city systems and services to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, optimize city management and services, and improve the quality of life of citizens.


Same time, The intelligent level of the city is an important embodiment of the city's development level and core competitiveness. With the trend of IOT (Internet of Thing),more and more people pay high attention to smart city, smart transportation , smart metering , smart home , smart education...


Newest IOT devices emerge at the right moment when IVY combined metering with IOT technology. We also showed interested in GPRS-5G meter, when people move to GPRS-4G meter and Huawei unlocked 5G technology in China.


APS series short for Advanced Prepayment System, are very popular under the theme of IOT technology, the din rail installation with compact design and WIFI communication is suitable for smart home, rental house, apartment, school dorm, park, airport... 


ES series fire detector is also suitable for bank just as “ one detector in hand, no fire in world”. The fire accident in Notre Dame de Paris will not happen if there is a fire detector which can alarm and get attention.  


Smart socket is more and more commonly used in parking lot & shopping mall which can replace shareable power bank. You can pay first, then charge the motorbike/ mobile phone/electric car.


As long as you have needs on smart city we can offer you suitable hardware and software recommendation and help you gain a place in future business.