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RS485 Modbus Meter

EM113016-04 RS485 Power Meter DIN Rail Energy Meter Modbus Electric Meter LCD Watt Hour Meter

1. Brief introduction

EM113016-04 is a mono-phase Din Rail meter and it is a RS485 meter. It supports RS485 Communication.This meter has two display modes: automatic scroll display and by pressing page-turning buttons. When overload, alarm will be sent by LED backlight and built-in relay will disconnect.This RS485 meter can read and write data via RS485 and realize remote control via relay. 

The meter is designed to measure AC active energy and variable parameter. All of its functions comply with the relative technical requirement for class 1 three phase watt hour meter in IEC61036 and its data communication rules obey the requirement of DL/T645. It is a long life meter with the advantage of high stability , high over load capability , low power loss and small volume.

2. Function description

(1)Measurement of active and reactive energy, forward and reverse energy, voltage, current, frequency, power factor, demand

(2)RS485 Communication MODBUS/DLT645-1997/DLT645-2007 Protocol

(3)LCD display 5+1

(4)IP51 indoor protection

(5)Two data display modes: automatic scroll display (5s interval) and by pressing buttons

(6)Multi-tariff: user-friendly hours for various time periods

(7)Built-in latching relay for overload protection

(8)Overload alarm by LED backlight


3. Specifications


Single Phase RS485 Meter

Reference Voltage




Accuracy Class



RS485, MODBUS/DLT645-1997/DLT645-2007 Protocol

Rated Frequency


Impulse Constant



LCD 5+1

Power Consumption

≤8VA  ≤0.4W

Temperature Range


Annual Average Humidity


Maximal Humidity



EM113016-04 RS485 Power Meter DIN rail energy meter modbus electric meter LCD Watt Hour Meter

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