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MID Energy Meter

EM118091 DIN Rail Mounted Single Phase 100A MID Bi-directional Energy Meter for Base Station

single-phase electric meter is designed for single-phase active energy measurement on low voltage systems, at the same time it can measure electrical parameters like voltage, current, power, and so on. 
There is also RS485 can be chosen. This electricity meter has the advantages of smaller volume, high precision, good EMC, LVD, mid certified, easy installation.This single phase DIN rail electric RS485 energy meter for measurement of active energy in residential, commercial and/or light industrial area, camping, caravans… This energy meter is intended for connection to the distribution network directly. 

1. Brief introduction

EM118091 is a single-phase DIN rail electric RS485 energy meter for the measurement of active energy in residential, commercial, and/or light industrial area, camping, caravans… This energy meter is intended for connect to the distribution network directly. It measures active energy in import direction in class B as per EN 50470-1 y 50470-3. Measurement data are displayed on the LCD with 5+1 digits.

2. Function description

Single-phase smart energy kilowatt hour (kWh) meters

Mounting: DIN rail

Basic error: standard

International standard: EN50470-3
IP protection: 51
Protective class: II

16A/30A/32A/45A/50A/60A/80A/100A Direct connected

Active&Reactive, Forward&Reverse Measurement

Accuracy: Active Cl.1.0, Reactive Cl.2.0

RS485 Comm.- Modbus & DLT645 Protocol

Built-in Li-battery and Multi Tariff 

Conforms and certified to MID B and D approval

CE-LVD, CE-EMC Certified

3. Specifications





Starting Current


Power Consumption

<1W / <10VA

Accuracy Class

Active Cl.1.0, Reactive Cl.2.0



Impulse Constant


LCD Display (Backlight)


Operation Temp. Range


Annual Average Humidity

≤75% (Non-Condensing)

Protection Degree

IP51 (Indoor Only)

Reference Standard


SO Output



RS485(Modbus & DLT645 Protocol)





4. Applicartion

For home or smart home use

Modern electricity meters are normally located outside dwellings in a meter box or cabinet, usually attached to a wall. If gates or fences are put in to separate the front and back garden, they must be behind the meter box, so that technicians can access it. Normally a RS485 modbus energy meter is enough. But when we speak to house keeper smart meter- for example wifi energy meter, LoRaWAN energy meter, Zigbee energy meter,you may check the bill or monitoring the consumption via APP. If you just have a simple kwh meter then you may get the bills from utilities and pay monthly online or offline.

If you’ve just moved into a new house and aren’t too sure of where the meter is, some common places a meter is normally located inside a house include:Under the stairs,Under the sink,In the garage,In a cupboard,Near the entrance...

For home charging piles

Generally speaking, when you install a ev charger at home, or you use the portable ev charger at home, you don’t need the extra ev energy meter for measuring, because you already have one meter in the meter box or cabinet, all the electricity bill is yours. But if you want to make it more precise, you can install a sub meter near the EV charger. This meter can be a simple RS485 din rail meter. It’s cost-effective and good tracker of your consumption.

For public charging 

For public charging ,no matter it’s AC charging or DC charging, if you are the owner or operator who wish to track the energy consumption. The AC DC energy meter are necessary. Some times the DC energy meter was installed inside of the dc charger, but AC energy meters like EM118089/90/91 are installed outside of the energy meter on the main line. Some times bidirectional metering is needed, it depends on you want to know the consumption or you want to know the consumption and also the generation from solar or BESS etc.

For apartment complexes

In apartment complexes, our electricity and/or energy meters are normally located in meter cabinet on the ground floor, in the basement or outside. Usually, tenants and owners will not have access to where the meters are kept, and will need to speak to the building manager or apartment complex management company, in order to gain access. If this is the case for you and you’re unable to organise a time to coincide with gaining access, you could ask the person with the key to take a photo of your meter reading instead, and send it to you. You can use the meter ID or username by matching it up with your electricity bill.

For rental house

Managing energy usage in rental properties can be a challenge for both parties involved, including tenants and landlords.  To split the bill fairly, you may need to use a smart electricity meter also named a sub-meter or smart energy monitor. Sometime, the tenants may delay on payment or don’t want to pay for it, the prepayment function is needed. With such a rental house smart energy monitor, you can collect real-time energy data, the tenants have to make payment before using. Additionally, it can provide information on how much electricity specific electrical appliances consume.If you have a system like tuya or else, you can also manage all meters online- reset users, energy clearance, cut off remotely, charge remotely... anyway smart energy monitors play an important role of a smart rental management solution.

For shopping mall

The owners and managers of shopping mall are always afraid of energy waste-Lighting, Heating Applications, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems etc. They also want to know the billing of each booth. Energy use in shopping mall always need power monitoring equipment like power meters and submeters, because they can help reduce energy consumption and make energy efficiency...

In fact, there are many applications of electricity meters, such as airports, school dormitories, parks, residential areas, and factories, and we will also take you to continue to explore and understand. Although different occasions have different requirements, three will always one ideal for you in IVY METERING. We look forward to you describing or drawing your application scenario to us, and we can recommend the most suitable meter for you.

EM118091 DIN Rail Mounted Single Phase 100A MID Bi-directional Energy Meter 230V Smart Power Meters

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