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Lorawan Energy Meter

EM114039 LoRa EU868 Modbus LoRaWAN Electric Energy Meter For Street Light

EM114039 is a single-phase smart electricity meter, which supports LoRaWAN remote communication, has built-in relay, can realize remote control of relay on/off, and remote meter reading, It is widely used in smart cities and power distribution systems of the Internet of Things.

Product Details

1.Product introduction

EM114039-01 is a single phase LoRaWAN smart electricity meter. It supports LoRaWAN communication and local TTL communication (Modbus protocol). With built-in latching relay, you can use TTL(locally) or LoRaWAN(remotely) to set the switching status.


Measure I, V, kWh,kVarh, kW,PF... 5(80)A, 230V

Accuracy: Active Cl1.0, Reactive Cl2.0

LoRaWAN & TTL Communication, Modbus Protocol

MID Certified with Frequency Band EU686MHz

Built-in Latching Relay For Remote Load Control


Product TypeSingle Phase LoRaWAN Electricity Meter
Ref. voltage220V
Ref. current0.25-5(80)A
Impulse constant1600imp/kWh
LCD displayLCD5+1
Operation temp.-20~+70℃
Relative humidity<95%
Ref. frequency50Hz
Accuracy classCl.1
Starting current0.4%/Ib(CI.1)
Load controlBuilt-in 80A magnetic latching relay
Power consumption≤ 1W,<10VA
Standard compliantIEC62052-11/IEC62053-21, IEC62055-41/IEC62056-21
LoRaWAN CommunicationEU868MHz, EU433MHz, US915MHz, AU915MHz, AS923MHz, RU864MHz, KR920MHz, IN865MHz
LoRaWAN AntennaSMA Socket
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