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Lorawan Energy Meter

EM114039 LoRa EU868 IOT Smart Energy LoRaWAN Electric Power Meters

EM114039-01 is a single phase LoRaWAN smart electricity meter. It supports LoRaWAN communication and local TTL communication (Modbus protocol). With built-in latching relay, you can use TTL(locally) or LoRaWAN(remotely) to set the switching status.Frequency plans EU868 and US915 AS923 - order option.

Product Details

1.Product introduction

EM114039-01 is a single phase LoRaWAN smart electricity meter with following functions:

Metering Function: Active (Power, Demand, Energy Forward and Reverse), Reactive (Power, Demand, Energy Inductive, Power Factor), Status (Power Out, Relay Open) you can easily manage the energy you can produce in your home (solar, geothermic, wind, etc). You have a better control of your real consumption and a clearer financial exchange with your provider.

Communication Function: Support LoRaWAN communication  and local TTL communication (Modbus protocol). It can send alarms after a powerfail (5 sec). you can also use TTL(locally) or LoRaWAN(remotely) to set the switching status.

Remote control: This meter is equipped with an 80A built-in magnetic latching relay. Remote control & automatic trip under abnormal conditions.

Multi-tariff: It can handle several tariffs to answer to real requirements on the market. As a result, utilities can propose more adapted commercial offers to their customers.

Display Function: LCD display, data scroll display, page turning by button, parameter settings, such as voltage, current, reactive power, active power, power factor, number of pages, display order, interval time of page turning.


Measure I, V, kWh,kVarh, kW,PF... 5(80)A, 230V

Accuracy: Active Cl1.0, Reactive Cl2.0

Network protocols:Lorawan

Installation in the Din panel rack

LoRaWAN & TTL Communication, Modbus Protocol

MID Certified with Frequency Band EU686MHz


Product TypeSingle Phase LoRaWAN Electricity Meter
Ref. voltage220V
Ref. current0.25-5(80)A
Impulse constant1600imp/kWh
LCD displayLCD5+1
Operation temp.-20~+70℃
Relative humidity<95%
Ref. frequency50Hz
Accuracy classCl.1
Starting current0.4%/Ib(CI.1)
Load controlBuilt-in 80A magnetic latching relay
Power consumption≤ 1W,<10VA
Standard compliantIEC62052-11/IEC62053-21, IEC62055-41/IEC62056-21
LoRaWAN communicationall frequencies, EU868MHz, EU433MHz, US915MHz, AU915MHz, AS923MHz, RU864MHz, KR920MHz, IN865MHz
LoRawan AntennaSMA Socket


Smart Buildings, Smart City etc IOT Application

Utility Smart Metering Infrastructure

EM114039 LoRa EU868 IOT Smart Energy LoRaWAN Electric Power Meters

About LoRaWAN

The LoRaWAN® network is a star-of-stars topology in which gateways relay messages between end-devices and a central network server. The gateways are connected to the network server via standard IP connections, and act as a transparent bridge, simply converting RF packets to IP packets and vice versa.

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