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LoRa LoRaWAN Meter

EM114039-02 LoRaWAN Class C Devices IoT-based smart energy meter with LoRaWAN electricity meter

EM114309-02 is MID-Single Phase Energy Meter, Lora Single Phase Energy Meter, LoRaWAN MID Electricity Meter. It measures active energy, reactive energy, current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, etc.  The units support Max. 80A direct connection. It frees the user from communication cable wiring, provides more flexibility installation, and saves a lot of cost on maintenance. It use the standard LoRaWAN protocol which can be for remote monitoring and setting, suitable for monitoring energy consumption in residential, industrial, and utility applications. 

1. Description

EM114039-02 is a single-phase Lorawan power monitoring device with Eu868Mhz frequency band and prepaid postpaid functions. It's also a modular power monitoring device embedding a LoRaWAN wireless communication.  

2. Features 

Single Phase 80A Direct Connection

Support auto-upload mode for uploading data

Download/ Upload time interval can be set or adjusted.

Confirmations/ Off line detection available

Support auto-resume mode

Wide range of LoRa frequency band

(EU868/AS923/CN433/CN470/AU915/US902 MHz, etc.)

High accuracy, Class 1 

MID certified

EM114039-02 IoT-based smart energy meter with LoRaWAN electricity meter


Wireless LoRaWAN communication permits the transmission and use of data from remote isolated measuring points that do not have wired communication.

The choice of use over both private or operated LoRaWAN networks makes it possible to cover single-site or multi-site applications, reducing the range limitations

Lorawan smart metering for long range of smart industry, smart buildings, basic infrastructure

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