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Lorawan Energy Meter

EM114039-01 Single Phase LoRa EU868 US923 MHz Electricity Meter LoRaWAN Smart Power Meters

EM114039 is a single-phase smart electricity meter, which supports LoRaWAN remote communication, has built-in relay, can realize remote control of relay on/off, and remote meter reading, It is widely used in smart cities and power distribution systems of the Internet of Things. LoraWAN DIN-Rail Smart Meter is a smart electricity meter that complies with LoRaWAN protocol. It is a fully digital energy metering and testing product. It adopts a highly integrated metering chip and has the functions of active energy metering and remote centralized meter reading. Adopt guide rail design, with small volume, high precision, low power consumption, good stability, easy installation and other advantages.

Product Details

1. Product introduction

EM114039-01 is a single-phase LoRaWAN smart electricity meter. It supports LoRaWAN communication and local TTL communication (Modbus protocol). With a built-in latching relay, you can use TTL(locally) or LoRaWAN(remotely) to set the switching status. It's EU868MHz, in class C, OTAA, Adaptative Data Rate disable

Product TypeSingle Phase LoRaWAN Electricity Meter
Ref. voltage220V
Ref. current0.25-5(80)A
Impulse Constant1600imp/kWh
LCD DisplayLCD5+1
Operation Temp.-20~+70℃
Relative Humidity<95%
Ref. frequency50Hz
Accuracy ClassCl.1
Starting Current0.4%/Ib(CI.1)
Load ControlBuilt-in 80A magnetic latching relay
Power Consumption≤ 1W,<10VA
Standard CompliantIEC62052-11/IEC62053-21,IEC62055-41/IEC62056-21
LoRaWAN CommunicationEU868MHz, US915MHz
LoRaWAN AntennaSMA Socket


Smart Buildings, Smart City, etc IOT Application

Utility Smart Metering Infrastructure

3. About LoraWan

Here are a few benefits of LoRaWAN connectivity: 

LoRaWAN’s use of the unlicensed spectrum has historically brought down costs.

The decentralized nature of LoRaWAN allows for a great deal of customization, assuming you know how to build a wireless network from scratch.

LoRaWAN has a strong history of success in stationary IoT use cases, like smart buildings and utility meters.

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