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IVY METERING Company party in Summer

Author: YiWei66 Time: Sep. 26, 2023 Classify: 2023

To better stimulate the enthusiasm of employees for work, establish the awareness of active communication, mutual trust, unity, and cooperation among employees, and win in the national team, as well as enhance employees' sense of responsibility and sense of belonging, and show the style of IVY people. In mid-June, all the friends IVY participated in the outdoor development activity with the theme of "rejuvenating youth and letting the soul fly".

After arriving at the meeting place at 3:00 p.m., we took a short rest and started warm-up activities under the leadership of the activity commander. All the trainees were divided into two groups, and two captains were recommended by everyone. Under the collective brainstorming of the small partners, a team with a very creative team name and a loud slogan was produced under the generalized brainstorming of the small partners. After having the team name, everyone's enthusiasm was mobilized at once. In the first activity, listening to the password and hugging each other, everyone was extraordinarily serious and alert. Because at the moment when the commander-in-chief said the number, we needed to form a team quickly, and the little partners who were singled out needed to perform. In this kind of laughter, various talents such as singing and dancing were staged one after another, which relieved the pressure of work for many days. The next activity is to compete which team can put on flowered pants in the shortest time without getting hands. After the game started, everyone showed all sorts of strange movements to win the game. Some lay on the ground and twisted back and forth, some made lunges, some used their feet to borrow strength, etc., and they had a great time playing. In such laughter and laughter, the afterglow of the sun sprinkled on our faces unconsciously.


The barbecue grill was placed in front of our tent by the person in charge of the venue, so we started today's barbecue activity with the setting sun and melodious singing. Everyone split up, those who get the ingredients get the ingredients, those who prepare the tin foil look for the tin foil, and those who get the drinks get the drinks. After two hours of barbecue activities, our theme of today began to unravel the mystery. In the big family of IVY, the birthday party of three friends ushered in. It is their company that makes the big family of IVY more energetic and dynamic. To express our blessings, other friends have presented them with one of their best songs. Accompanied by wonderful singing, our solidarity activities ended. In this event, while laughing and laughing, we also realized the importance of coordination, unified command, effective command, and effective execution to achieve the common goal of the team efficiently; realized the importance of teamwork for overcoming obstacles; To the special value of each member of the team.

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