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IVY Annual Conference Celebration in 2022

Author: YiWei66 Time: Sep. 26, 2023 Classify: 2023

2022 ended successfully, and 2023 kicked off. On January 19th, we held the annual meeting at Fanpu Hotel in Wuzhen. At the annual meeting, Ms. Angel, the general manager of IVY, summarized the growth and harvest in 2022, and we began to look forward to the plan for 2023. We sincerely thank every customer for their trust in us and every employee for their company.

We invited partners, relatives and friends, and customers to participate in the IVY annual meeting. The annual meeting includes walking the red carpet, signing autographs, leadership speeches, commending outstanding employees, eating banquets, annual meeting performances, and small games. The performances and games of the annual meeting fully demonstrated the vitality and cohesion of the IVY team. In the end, all IVY and relatives, friends, customers, and partners from afar came to take a group photo.

IVY METERING CO, LTD took a group photo at the annual meeting and shared it with our partners as soon as possible every year. Every year, we will have new faces to meet you. After 1-2 years of training and learning, they are finally able to create more value. Of course, there are also familiar faces, such as sales managers, operation experts, and technical consultants who are young but have 4-10 years of experience.

Innovation, value, and youth are the spirit of IVY. Here, you can feel that our small partners occasionally make mistakes in the process of dealing with you, but they are always patient and enthusiastic to overcome all difficulties for you. Although the project cycle is long, they are always full of enthusiasm and smiles. 2023 hopes that we can wholeheartedly provide you with better services.

Promotion Center: 360° show you our products, quality, service, factory and team. It is our unremitting pursuit to find our suitable products for your needs. You only need to provide VIP information and product keywords, and we will prepare solutions for you.

Sales center: do a good job in pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. Your concerns are our top priority. We have a number of professional electric meter consultants, electronic component consultants, and new energy accessories consultants (in order to ensure our professionalism, our sales consultants have very high requirements, and the number of recruits is very small every year). In order to provide better service, there are technical consultants and factory technical software and hardware technicians behind our sales consultants.

Product Center: Product is our best business card, and quality is our constant core. Regardless of batch size, each product will be inspected and tested. We welcome any suggestions and feedback on the product. We work for you, our products work for you, and our own factory works for you.

Service Center: Bill, logistics delivery, customs clearance and pick-up are also the issues that customers are most concerned about. In this regard, our timeliness has always been far ahead. If you see this and feel that DNA is moving, you are also welcome to join us.

Build Organization with Employee Well-being, Lead world in Harmonious Metrology is our vision, Focus on Energy Management, Light up Better Life is our mission. Looking forward to sharing a better 2023 with you.

Company name: IVY METERING CO.,LTD

Company type: manufacturer and supplier

Main product: MID energy meter,LoRaWAN energy meter, LoRa power meter, RS485 modbus energy meter, DC energy meter, WIFI energy meter, GPRS 4G electricity meter

Main application: EV metering, solar net metering dual metering, smart metering for IOT, sub metering, AC DC metering...

Keywords: energy meter for EV charger, solar bidirectional meter, LoRaWAN smart meter,dc energy meter, STS prepayment meter, kwh meter, DIN Rail meter, energy meter,electricity meter

Attributes: free technical support, free after-sales service, 18 months of warranty, MID/EMC/LVD/UL/STS certificates