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LoRaWan Smart Metering

Lorawan power meter alao can be named as Lorawan electricity meter, Lorawan energy meter, which is a kind of electricity meter with LoRaWAN communication module. The Lorawan energy meter usually works with Lorawan gateway and Lorawan network server by Loramesh networking, and the users can read out the power information via APP or PC. The principle of Lorawan energy meter as follows:

LoRaWan Smart Metering

Application of LoRa energy meter and advantages:

1.LoRaWAN electricity meter for utility

In most situations, utility connectivity networks require small payloads of data from daily index to every ten minutes logs with data throughputs of several kilobits. Some specific use cases— like breakers for electricity, prepayment systems, or services supported by remote valve control — can justify a need for a low latency. For the use cases requiring latency of 1 second or more, LoRaWAN can perform well enough to support the automation system requirements.

LoRaWAN network infrastructure deployment and maintenance occurs at a much lower cost compared to traditional WMBUS, cellular technologies and proprietary ones, due to the high link budget and long range performance of LoRa radio that enables wide area network deployment. For instance, LoRaWAN applications for water and gas meters can currently support battery life of over 20 years when transmitting once per day.

Since utilities are responsible for the infrastructure and the distribution of electricity, gas, and water, they are considered critical infrastructure and national or regional regulators demand a high level of security. LoRaWAN specification applies 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithms to provide two-layered end-to-end encryption to protect the confidentiality of the payload during the network transport and the device authentication for network security. Utilities can profit from this end-to-end security layer to protect all data communications within meters and other IOT devices connected to a LoRaWAN public network. Hence Lorawan electricity meter are purchased by utilities as well.

2.LoRaWAN energy meter for Smart City

LoRaWAN® is the solution for many of the challenges that Smart Cities face and is particularly suited for smart city applications that would benefit: Communicating across distances ranging up to 15kms, Low operation and maintenance costs etc. LoRaWAN and LoRaWAN energy meter adds a dedicated purpose-built network for the Internet of Things applications, freeing up other city communication infrastructure to be more cost-effectively utilized, more efficiently employed and to realize greater returns on investment (ROI).

3.LoRaWan power meter for smart building

LoRaWAN has already become the de facto wireless protocol for smart buildings by providing low power, long range connectivity within large-scale commercial implementations. LoRaWAN allows building managers, owners, tenants and service providers to view building functions remotely and ensure all the things within the building work in harmony. Lorawan power meter is an measurement instrument in this loop.

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