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For countries that pay high attention to industry, the largest share of electricity consumption is undoubtedly the industry.In the industrial field, the operation of machines, the control of computers, high-tech calculations... can not be without the participation of electricity.Industrial electricity is different from residential electricity and commercial electricity. It refers to electricity used by enterprises mainly engaged in large-scale production and processing industries.


For example mask factory, electrical device plant, clothing factory,medical equipment factory... usually heavy production task, dense population,numerous equipment, unbelievable high demand and complicated situation. These bring us a lot of challenges:

1.three-level power distribution structure of industrial enterprises; secondary measurement error also makes difficulties for the balance of plant power consumption measurement.

2.It’s hard to know the details about power consuming. The electricity is opaque, running and leaking. So that we missed monitoring of power distribution process, post-switching treatment.

3.Energy-saving scheme without feedback, and the carrying-out of implementation is not ideal. Finally it will affect production and lead to low efficiency;

4.Energy-saving lamps are used for lighting transformation, and the investment cost is not small, but the electricity cost has not dropped significantly;

5.The operation of the motor and frequency conversion equipment lacks effective protection, and the cause of damage cannot be effectively analyzed.It’s hard to protect the circuits and equipment when accident(safety hazard and outage due to overload)happens.


In response to industrial electricity demand, IVY launched a series of energy meter which comply with IEC (Short for International Electrotechnical Commission standards) such as IEC62052-11,IEC62053-21,IEC62053-22,IEC62053-23,IEC62055-41,IEC62055-51.The measuring devices including single phase/ three phases meter, basic meter, multi-functional meter, smart prepayment meter, suspension meter, STS meter, GPRS meter, PLC meter, DLMS meter, 21 channels meter, smart sensor, fire detector, breaker and so on can be used in industrial area for energy management.


The instantaneous values of the system like voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency and power factor can be readable via LCD/LED indications.Alarming for low credit, communication, leakage can assure energy saving & cost reduction. IP51 & IP54, single tariff & multi-tariff, wired communication & wireless communication can be selected as well. These features decide our meter can be your private “housekeeper” and bring you a enjoyable metering and smart energy journey.


Choose IVY, expose electricity problems and say goodbye to following headache moments! You can have Online technical support on www.ivy-emeter.com or send your inquiry on ebp@ivy-metering.com.We will contact you in 24hrs.