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Intelligentization, networking, and electrification have become the future development trend. Traditional cars are embracing the Internet. New energy cars and the industry are also moving towards automotive applications. Today, we can already see smart electric vehicles, such as cars that already have a series of automatic functions such as parking, domestic and foreign auto companies are also integrating with Internet companies, and the transformation and development of the auto industry has become a new opportunity.


Anyhow, transportation will be interconnected with energy, and electric vehicles can be used as the main power provider. In the case of energy internet, they will become the main body of instant power supply. Cars and cities, roads, and energy networks will be closely integrated then become a development trend.


Electric cars now grow rapidly at nearly 400%, in the year of 2019 and 2020, electric car entered our daily life for example Tesla (Which set up new factory in Shanghai and had a good sale on electric cars). Same time Chinese government strongly support the new infrastructure and smart city, which makes the demand of car charger including EV charging station, charging point and charging pile soared.


Hence IVY METERING CO.,LTD published a series of measuring devices including IOT meter, EMi smart sensor, multi-functional power sensor, DC energy meter, leakage sensor, PCB current transformer, relay etc .They compose overall solution for any electric vehicle charging system (Charging pile and charging station develop rapidly). Multi-functions like measuring, monitoring, sensing, alarming, remote controlling, RS485/WIFI/GPRS communication, theft protection, Din-rail installation bring a lot of conveniences and possibilities.

We have become the first choice for domestic charging piles on this topic, hence we also believe that adopting our components and design will make your Mr Charger small like a box but efficient like superman! What are you waiting for? Call us at + 86 21 62209608 803 for more details and customized service.