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Solar Energy Metering

First of all, everyone must understand that in a distributed photovoltaic power station, if bi-directional metering of power consumption and power generation is to be realized, the traditional method is to use two one-way meters to measure power generation and power consumption separately, which not only increases the cost of use and Wiring is difficult, and future use or maintenance also becomes complicated.

The bi-directional meter is mainly aimed at users who need bi-directional metering in distributed photovoltaic power stations. When the electricity generated by the photovoltaic power station is surplus, the electric energy delivered to the grid needs to be accurately metered. In addition, when photovoltaic power generation cannot meet the needs of users, the electric energy used in the grid also needs to be accurately metered. However, ordinary single-block unidirectional meters cannot meet this requirement, so it is necessary to use smart meters with bidirectional metering functions to realize bidirectional metering of electric energy.

In order to meet the needs of grid-connected photovoltaic solar power generation for electric energy meters, IVY METERING has developed the "PV" series electric meters, which include two different situations of AC and DC, which can solve problems that traditional electric meters cannot solve.

(1) Bi-directional metering

(2) RS485communication

(3) Four metering modes

(4) MID approval

(5) Built-in battery and multi-tariff

(6) DIN rail, small size, easy to install

Solar Energy Metering

The net meter system refers to the use of bi-directional metering technology to connect its own power generation equipment with the power grid of the power supply company to realize the renewable energy power application mode of self-use and surplus power connected to the grid. The content of the net meter system mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Billing of electricity consumption: The net meter system adopts bi-directional metering technology to carry out net settlement of the electricity in the system, that is, the difference between the electricity generated by the home and the electricity consumption is used as the actual electricity consumption for billing. If the self-generated electricity is greater than the electricity consumption, the excess electricity can be sold to the grid; if the self-generated electricity is less than the electricity consumption, the electricity needs to be purchased from the grid.

2. Network access and grid-connected management: The net meter system requires that one's own power generation equipment be connected to the grid through inverters and other devices, and realize the bi-directional power transmission function between the grid and the system. Relevant departments will carry out network side protection, security testing and user information management on the access system to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system.

3. Safety management: The net meter system requires that the system connected to the network must meet the safety standards of electrical equipment, and the equipment interface should have safety protection measures such as anti-theft, lightning protection, and fire prevention to ensure the safe operation of the system. Users must abide by relevant electrical safety standards to avoid personal injury and equipment damage caused by improper operation.

4. Renewable energy subsidies: In the net meter system, the government will provide certain subsidies to users who use renewable energy to generate electricity according to local renewable energy policies. These subsidies are mainly used to promote the development and application of renewable energy to achieve sustainable development.

In short, the net meter system is to promote the application and development of renewable energy by establishing a bi-directional metering technology, realizing self-generated and self-consumption, and surplus electricity connected to the grid. network management, security management, and renewable energy subsidies.

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