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LoRa LoRaWAN Meter

EM114039-02 Bi-directional Measurement IMP & EXP 2 Pulse Outputs LoRaMESH/ LoRaWAN energy meter

EM114039-02 LoRa WAN (Non-MID) is a new generation single-phase multi-function electricity meter with wireless communication, the meter has been built Lora WAN module. Range up to 3 km.

The electricity meter can wirelessly send data to the nearest LoRa WAN gateway, or to an existing local LoRa WAN network.

The device measures and displays properties of single-phase two-wire (1P2W). The measurement parameters include voltage (V), current (A), frequency (Hz), power (kW / kVar / kVA), import / export / total energy (kWh / kVarh). It support credit prepayment, energy prepayment, postpaid modes.

LoraWAN DIN-Rail Smart Meter is a smart electricity meter that complies with LoRaWAN protocol. It is a fully digital energy metering and testing product. It adopts a highly integrated metering chip and has the functions of active energy metering and remote centralized meter reading. Adopt guide rail design, with small volume, high precision, low power consumption, good stability, easy installation and other advantages. What's more, it is equipped with antennas which can make the Long-range communication better.


EM114039-02 Bi-directional Measurement IMP

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