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The difference between M-Bus and Modbus

Author: admin68 Time: Aug. 09, 2023 Classify: 2023

At first glance, M-Bus and Modbus are very similar, no matter on alphabet or pronunciation. The more similar things are usually easier to get confused. At the same time, these two terms are related to the electricity meter industry, so let's learn the difference between M-Bus and Modbus today.

M-Bus remote meter reading system (symphonic mbus) is a European standard 2-wire two bus. M-Bus is a data bus designed specifically for consumption measuring devices and counters to transmit information. It is mainly used for consumption measuring devices such as Heat meter and water meter series. The M-Bus bus meets the needs of utility meter networking and remote meter reading. At the same time, it can also meet the special requirements of remote power supply or battery-powered systems.

The bus topology structure of M-Bus serial communication mode is very suitable for the reliable and low-cost networking requirements of utility meters, and hundreds of slave devices can be connected over a distance of several kilometers. M-Bus is a bus especially used to transmit counter data. Its data transmission capacity, speed and quantity can fully meet the requirements. It has the characteristics of long-distance transmission using low-cost cables.

Modbus is a serial communication protocol. Modbus has become the industry standard (De facto) of communication protocols in the industrial field, and is now a common connection method between industrial electronic devices. Modbus is widely used due to public publication and no copyright requirements; easy to deploy and maintain; there are not many restrictions for suppliers to modify mobile local bits or bytes. Modbus allows multiple (approximately 240) devices to communicate on the same network. Modbus protocol is a master/slave architecture protocol. One node is the master node, and the other nodes that use the Modbus protocol to participate in communication are slave nodes. Each slave device has a unique address.

Modbus protocol currently exists for serial, Ethernet, and other networks that support Internet protocols. Most Modbus devices communicate through the physical layer of the serial port EIA-485. For serial connection, there are two variants, they are slightly different in numerical data representation and protocol details. Modbus RTU is a compact, binary representation of data, Modbus ASCII is a human-readable, lengthy representation.

Make good for deficiency, among the many advantages of Modbus, Modbus communication protocol has been widely used in electricity meters. IVY has developed a variety of Modbus meters. Now it is also developing new electric meters with Modbus communication. If you need a Modbus meter, welcome to visit our website www.ivy-emeter.com to learn more about a variety of Modbus meters to choose from. Of course we also have M-bus current sensor, Welcome to inquire it at any time.

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