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The 7th EVA 2023 (Booth B55)

Author: YiWei66 Time: Sep. 21, 2023 Classify: 2023

IVY METERING at # Electric Vehicle Asia (EVA)2023

Expo: Electric Vehicle Asia (EVA)2023

Date: 30 AUGUST - 1 SEPTEMBER 2023

Booth No: B55

The 7th EVA 2023 (Booth B55)

The three-day 7th EV Asia exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand has been a complete success. This event helps build a comprehensive EV development network and provides a platform for industry experts to share the technology, innovation and science behind EV in Thailand and abroad. Its also fully recognized by the region’s electric vehicle professionals as an outstanding business platform across the value chain and a regional meeting point for researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers to exchange ideas and build partnerships. So the EVA exhibition - Thailand's oldest electric vehicle technology event matched with IVY METERINGs application. During the exhibition, our theme is still around our flagship product EV&PV components series.


Electreic Vehicle Asia-7th EVA 2023 (Booth B55) 

1. EV Solution

Some people say that for electric vehicles and EV charging piles, Europe and the United States are growing, Southeast Asia is breaking out, Japan and South Korea are left behind..... The EVA exhibition we participated in this time is to witness the explosion of demand for electric vehicles and charging piles in Southeast Asia, and it is also helping charging pile manufacturers to solve the AC metering, DC metering, AC DC leakage, on-off, lightning protection, circuit protection and other needs of AC/DC charging piles in Mode 2, Mode 3 and Mode 4.


2. PV Solution

Southeast Asia as a place with sufficient sun, photovoltaic system is the choice of more and more people, take Thailand as an example, we have seen a lot of solar panels in residential houses and factories. All of them wants to know how much energy was generated and how much energy was consumed (import energy and export energy, forward energy and reverse energy) so we offer the AC DC bidirectional energy meter. No matter the battery is 48V or the solar panels are 1000V we have corresponding models for choices.


3. Leakage Protection Solution

Residual current (leakage current) is also a difficult problem that manufacturers of EV charging piles and solar panels want to solve. DC6mA AC30mA is the default value of leakage signal output. The existing type A RCD can only in the detection of pulsating dc leakage from 6 mA dc current interference, and can’t detect dc leakage and disconnect protection, when DC leakage is more than 6 mA, due to the DC residual current will cause core magnetization in advance, make tripping value deviation, lead to type A RCD can’t normal movement. Therefore, type B RCD or A+6mA protection must be used! IVY METERING offers 10+ RCMs for monitoring and providing shock protection and fault protection on AC and DC installations and for EV charging applications.

 Electreic Vehicle Asia-7th EVA 2023 (Booth B55)

Thank you again for reading, it is never too late to learn about these ev charger parts and photovoltaic components solutions. If you are interested in meeting us offline, you are welcome to make an appointment with us at the Enlit Asia exhibition (Jakarta,Indonesia) and Enlit Europe(Paris,France) exhibition of 2023.



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