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1. Brief Introduction EM114029-01 is a single-phase electronic energy meter, prepaid or postpaid mode optional, with NB-IoT communication (built-in)...

NB-IOT Meter
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  • 1. Brief Introduction                                                     

    EM114029-01 is a single-phase electronic energy meter, prepaid or postpaid mode optional, with NB-IoT communication (built-in), protocol YTL-BUS, built-in magnetic latching relay and China Telecom Internet of Things module, automatic networking when powering on. It can achieve precise metering, remote meter reading, switching on and off, setting over power threshold and other functions without any settings. Smart electricity information system with this meter are used for the sharing of electricity in public areas. It can have "total electricity divided equally by the number of rooms used", "total electricity divided by the proportion of electricity used by each household", and "other sharing according to the agreement between the landlord and the tenant "Amount" choose one of the three methods to manage shared electricity charges..

    2. Technical Parameter  






    Impulse constant


    LCD display


    Operation temp.


    Annual average humidity.


    Maximum humidity




    Accuracy class


    Starting current


    Power consumption

    <2W / <10VA @ Un

    Network indication

    Green indicator light is on: the network is normal; green indicator light is on for 1 second and off for 1 second: the network is abnormal

    Standards compliant



    3. Function Description                                                   

    3.1 Communication Function

    3.1.1 Supports NB-IoT communication; can establish a connection with the cloud server through NB-IoT and responds to user remote operations


    3.2 Overload Function

    3.2.1 The relay disconnect once the load exceed power threshold with 30sec. , then relay will connect automatically after 45sec.

    3.2.2 If there is no load over-limit event that lasts for 30 seconds after the relay is connected, the cumulative number of overloads is automatically cleared.

    3.2.3 If this events more than 5 times continuously, relay will not connect automatically, the user shall connect relay by APP or press button with long time . After that , cumulative times of overload will automatic zeroing .

    3.2.4 The overload threshold can be set by software.