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1. Brief Introduction EM114028 - single-phase prepaid energy meter with plug-in card NB-IoT communication has the characteristics of wide coverage, multiple connections, low speed, low cost, and low p...

NB-IOT Meter
  • NB-IOT Meter
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  • 1. Brief Introduction 

    EM114028 - single-phase prepaid energy meter with plug-in card NB-IoT communication has the characteristics of wide coverage, multiple connections, low speed, low cost, and low power consumption. Built-in magnetic latching relay can realize remote control, overload protection, automatic tripping when the balance is exhausted, etc.

    2. Technical Parameter 

    Ref. voltage


    Ref. current


    Impulse constant


    LCD display


    Operation temp.


    Annual average humidity.


    Maximum humidity


    Ref. frequency


    Accuracy class


    Starting current


    Load control

    Built-in magnetic latching relay

    Power consumption

    <2W / <10VA @ Un


    NB-IOT, YTL-BUS protocol

    Low balance indicator

    Green LED is on for 0.5 seconds and off for 0.5 seconds

    Network abnormal indication

    NB-IoT indicator light is always on: the network is normal; the indicator light is on for 1 second and off for 1 second: the network is abnormal

    Standards compliant

    IEC62052-11/IEC62053-21, IEC62055-41/IEC62056-21


    3. Function Description 

    3.1 Event Log Function

    3.1.1 The latest 10 tokens -recharge(The recharge Token is the 20-digit code generated when recharging)

    3.1.2 The recharged power of latest 10 times


    3.2 Communication Function

    3.2.1 Supports NB-IoT communication, establishes a connection with the cloud server through NB-IoT and responds to users remote operations.


    3.3 Anti-hoarding Function

    3.3.1 If the user's recharged power plus the remaining power inside the meter is bigger than the maximum supported power of the electric energy meter, the recharge fails.

    3.3.2 The remaining power will not increase, but this TOKEN codes can continue to be used for recharge when the anti-hoarding conditions are not met.


    3.4 Overload Function

    3.4.1 The relay disconnect once the load exceed power threshold with 30sec. , then relay will close automatically after 45sec.

    3.4.2 If there is no load over-limit event that lasts for 30 seconds after the relay is connected, the cumulative number of overloads is automatically cleared.

    3.4.3 If this events more than 5 times continuously, relay will not connect automatically, the user will connect relay by APP or press button with long time . After that , cumulative times of overload will automatic zeroing.

    3.4.4 The overload threshold can set by software.


    3.5 Balance Alarm

    3.5.1 Class 1 balance alarm, the balance less than 10 kWh , the status LED will blink. (0.5 sec. Light on ;0.5 sec light off)


    3.6 Friendly Hours

    3.6.1 If the power is exhausted, it can temporarily receive 10kWh by pressing the button, which will be deducted automatically at the next recharge.If this charge is used up again, it can only be used through recharge.